The Pre-Work

The PreWork asks the question: What’s the inner work that must be done before we begin to lead our prospective communities towards acts of justice? Over the next 8 episodes you will listen in on candid talks with movers and shakers, folks who have committed their lives to seeing racial and queer equity become. These conversations are hosted and led by Melvin Bray, Emmy® award-winning storyteller, and author of ”BETTER: Waking Up to Who We Could Be.” Our panelists include Cedric Harmon, Executive Director of Many Voices; Dr. Sharon Groves Vice-President for Partner Engagement at Auburn Seminary who’s program Being in Relationship is making social justice waves around the US; Tori Williams Douglas, writer, speaker, educator and the creator of White Homework; AND Sterling Freeman, a Co-Founder and Principal with CounterPart Consulting, LLC; and guide Crystal Cheatham, creator and founder of Our Bible App.

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Friday Jan 06, 2023

Host Sterling Freeman invites Sabrina Slade and Kellan Moore into the studio to discuss their unique approach to race in America. As friends and colleagues, they share their passion for turning traditional philanthropy on its head. You can find out more about Sterling Freeman’s Counterpart Consulting, Sabrina Slade, Kellan Moore, and Crystal Cheatham’s Our Bible App at

Wednesday Dec 21, 2022

Hi all! If you loved "The Pre-Work," we are delighted to announce that Season Two of "The Wisdom And The Work" begins on January 6th, 2023. The Wisdom & The Work is a podcast that emphasizes the value of privileging the wisdom of Black, Indigenous, People of Color and challenging white people to step up and do the work, in order to move towards racial justice. The Wisdom & The Work is more than a learning experience. It is affirmation and encouragement for those committed to the fight for racial justice. Catch up on Season 1 at and look for Season 2 wherever you get your podcasts. 

Monday Nov 28, 2022

As you gain knowledge around gender and sexual orientation, the hope is you will live respectfully—in mutuality and joy—with and among people who fall all along the sexual orientation and gender continuum. With the guidance of Melvin Bray the three panelists Sharon Groves, Cedric Harmon and Crystal Cheatham discuss our capacity for affirmation and consideration in our relationships.

Monday Nov 21, 2022

With guidance from host Melvin Bray, Sterling Freeman explores rest, respite, and joy as important tools for health and wholeness for BIPOC folks navigating their racialized experiences. Tori Williams Douglas and Sharon Groves explore why whiteness feels the need to police BIPOC joy. Together they offer a healing alternative of forming relationships of accountability as acts of self-love.

Monday Nov 14, 2022

With the help of host Melvin Bray, Cedric Harmon and Crystal Cheatham address the misconception that gender operates on two poles—male-female, boy-girl—when in reality gender, much like sexual orientation, sits on a spectrum, both at the chromosomal level and the social level. The challenge is that many believe we have to operate at the two poles and therefore don’t enjoy the beauty of the spectrum.

Monday Nov 07, 2022

Sterling Freeman and Tori Williams-Douglass demonstrate how the simple question, “How is race operating here?” can help you unearth the hidden assumptions, power, and privilege at work in situations that produce persistently inequitable outcomes.  Sharon Groves and Melvin Bray introduce the idea of story as a way of improving one's vision.

Monday Oct 24, 2022

With the help of host Melvin Bray, Cedric Harmon and Crystal Cheatham discuss the fact that we all have a sexual orientation, which impacts how we interact. They also disrupt the notion that LGBTQ life is aberrant, proposing that, perhaps, aversion to it reflects a fear of exploring the range of attractions and desires in all of us.

Monday Oct 17, 2022

With the help of host Melvin Bray, Sterling Freeman explores the language and concept of Internalized Racial Oppression, how it manifests, and what we can do to confront it. Tori Williams Douglass explores how our language and social habits allow white people not to see themselves as a collective ethnicity with cultural norms, history, and biases that are not universal.

Monday Oct 17, 2022

With the help of Melvin Bray, Cedric Harmon (from Many Voices) and Crystal Cheatham (from Our Bible App) we examine the spectrum of human sexuality, beginning with an acknowledgment of our common misunderstandings of sexuality, including the idea that sex is the totality of human sexuality.

Monday Oct 03, 2022

With the help of Melvin Bray, Sterling Freeman (CounterPart Consulting) introduces the foundational tools for racial equity work and the importance of the affective aspect of the racial equity journey. Tori Glass (White Homework) introduces how whiteness works and takes up space from a neuroscience perspective.


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